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Why buy from Sideline?

    • We have been in business since 1995 and make it a point to use honesty and integrity in every part of our business.
    • We use better quality parts so that your system runs faster and smoother, which means less repairs and downtime.
    • We use standard parts, so our systems are upgradeable, unlike some of the mass manufacturers.
    • Local in-shop service, so that any repairs or upgrades will ensure quick service times.
    • We can customize any system just the way you like.
    • Free tech phone support for the items we sell.
    • 15 day money back guarantee on most items.
    • No shipping and handling fees, like some of the big guys.


Why are your systems sometimes more expensive than the mass market brands?


Some of the mass market brands are using many parts which are not interchangeable with standard parts.  This practice saves those companies money, so that they can sell their systems for less.  Some brands even use lower quality parts to save money.  When you are ready for an upgrade, you must pay a much higher price to those companies, if they have the upgrades at all.  We use industry standard parts, so that you can buy parts anywhere.  We use high quality parts so that your computer experience will be the best it can be.  All of our service is done locally in our store.  You will not have to ship your system to a service center.  The time alone saved is worth any difference in price.


How much RAM do I need for my next computer?

For Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10  4GB is usually sufficient. For some applications more may be required. For example some games may run much smoother with larger amounts. Generally the more ram you have the more efficiently your computer will run, which means faster. 8GB is a popular boost for those wishing to increase performance. Some motherboards allow up to 64GB of ram. For a basic analogy, think of your computer like an office. The CPU is the boss. The ram is the workers. The hard drive is the filing cabinet. The boss is set to work at a specific speed. When he gives orders, he gives them to the workers. If there are not enough workers, he has to wait for the workers to finish what they are doing before giving more orders. So the more workers there are, the quicker the orders will be carried out which makes the system more efficient. The filing cabinet stores all of your files. The larger this device is the more files you will be able to store, that means more room for music, pictures, documents, programs, etc.

 Can you replace my laptop screen? My laptop keyboard?


Yes. The cost for the screen itself starts around $59 and up. The cost for labor starts around $30 and up. Bring your computer in and we will call you with an estimate for repair. There are hundreds of different models of laptops out there, so we will need to look at your individual model to determine what parts are needed. If your screen is not one of the more common parts, we can order one for you and have it repaired in a few days. Sorry we do not sell the screens by themselves as there are too many different variations out there.
Laptop keyboards start at $25 and the labor starts at $30. Bring your laptop in for an estimate.


Do you give estimates for repair?


Yes. We always call you with an estimate before repairing your computer. The way our estimate process works is that once you bring in your computer to us, we will check it in and ask for the appropriate contact information and description of your symptoms. We will then call you with an estimate of the cost of repair before doing the actual work. This call will be within the service time given to you when you checked in ( it varies depending on how many other repairs are ahead of you in line). If you decide to give approval of the estimate then we will proceed with the repair and call you when it is completed. If you decide not to repair it, then there is a minimum charge that will be due ($30 ). You only pay this minimum charge + sales tax if you decide not to go ahead with the repair, but you do not pay this charge if you approve the repair. You only pay the estimate or the minimum charge, not both. This covers the time that it takes to evaluate the problem. Sometimes this can be as quick as 30 minutes, sometimes an entire day, sometimes a few days. It depends on what kind of tests need to be run. Unfortunately, we have to charge this minimum fee in order to keep the rent paid and the lights on. Because computers are less expensive today, many older computers may not be worth repairing. We will warn you if this is the case when we call with the estimate and let you decide how you want to proceed.


What are your hours?


Click this link for our hours:   HOURS

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit cards, Discover Card, Master Card, Visa Card, and American Express Cards.

We are sorry, we do not accept checks.