Your One Stop Computer Shop



In October of 1995 a dream became a reality for David Turner when he became a small business owner. This man’s biggest wish was to help the people in his community by servicing their computer needs. After he felt his computer needs weren’t met in the metro area, he thought, “I can do better than this.” He started out by selling parts and fixing computers from his home, only something that he did on the side after his full time work day was over. That’s why the original name was Sideline Electronics! The business grew larger by the day. The community welcomed this new service and David’s clientele expanded. On October 1, 1996, he teamed up with his wife, Constance, and they opened their first storefront in downtown Brandon, MS.

They quickly realized that this business was no longer a side job, so David and Constance made Sideline Electronics their full time jobs October 15, 1997! The customers grew to know and love this computer shop by their cats roaming the store. People enjoyed that they could see family values in this business as the Turners reared their two children in the shop. As Joshua and Caitlin grew up they began to  work at the store, while barely in their teens. As their business expanded, they made a move to a bigger location on April 1, 1998. This new location is where they still are today, serving not only customers original to their home, but many new customers coming in every day! A more descriptive name was chosen, Sideline’s PCs +.

The children were preschoolers when the business first started. Now they are all grown up. After graduating from Mississippi College with his BSBA in May 2013, Josh was promoted and is now integral to their daily operations. A business degree comes in handy when helping to run a business. Learning at your father’s knee literally from the age of 6 months helps too! Both Caitlin and Josh began computer instruction before they could walk. Caitlin no longer works here. After graduating from Hinds CC in 2012 with her degree in Early Childhood Education, she began to pursue her dreams of teaching small children. A love of young children is probably her mom’s fault. Caitlin was her mom’s favorite teaching partner in Sunday school. Being a hands on teacher’s helper and then a partner teacher in the preschool wing at church when she was not even a teen gave her a heart to love and teach young minds and hearts. She was a favorite baby sitter with many families who were sorry to see her get married but happy to come to the wedding and celebrate with us. Caitlin married her church youth group sweetheart in June 2013, so she moved off to Ole Miss where he is in grad school and she teaches cute little kindergarteners while pursuing an even bigger degree.

Two generations of a family business already. Come in to see us. We try to give you special attention on every visit to make sure we meet all your computer needs in a way that is personalized for you. While you are here feel free to pet a mascot and ask after the kids! We love it when customers feel like friends.


Thank you, Brandon, Rankin County, Jackson Metro Area, and people from the Gulf coast to Horn Lake and Vicksburg to Meridian! We are so grateful for your trust in us throughout the years!

Special thanks are due to:

Our wonderful son-in-law, Brandon, started the web page as an anniversary gift! He knew we were putting off what seemed like a huge chore but customers often requested one. Spare time is hard to come by when you are a full time grad student with a job and a wife, but he spent every spare minute he had for about six months to create a web page for his in-law’s family business. He wrote code and when he couldn’t find graphics he wanted, drew them himself! We were choked up when he unveiled his finished product. Brandon is not going to school for computers, believe it or not! Our son-in-law is a scientist! He is working on a doctoral degree in chemistry. Wow, a daunting task in itself, but to do this for us while he is so busy is humbling. We are so proud of all three of our kids! They are wonderful people. Thanks for being supportive even when you were tired of being, “stuck at the office” with us. This business is as much yours as it is ours. Sacrifices were made by all of us, but we can all be proud of our accomplishments.

We must not forget to give a big “Thank You!” to Clay of Ingram Consulting, L.L.C. He took the web design Brandon set up for us and put it into a new home at Go Daddy with a very user friendly editing process. If you are looking for someone who is patient and knows his stuff, Clay is the goto guy! He sat with us to make sure we knew how to maintain the site and make all the changes we needed. He “held our hands” through purchasing the domain name and setting up our hosting. He put up with my indecisiveness in finding just the right template. (That one decision took me a week!) Clay does on-site computer work for many different businesses. He maintains servers and networks. He does web design (obviously). If you need onsite work, network maintenance, tutoring for your employees or yourself in a business setting, server setup/maintenance, POS systems, integration of accounting packages, and lots more. He is clever, polite, honest, and helpful. He is what we refer to as “original to the house.” Yep, back in the 90s he called us from our ad in the newspaper, can you imagine? Back when the internet was just barely more than the bulletin boards that came before it. (Yes, we are that old!) He has been a happy customer for almost our entire history. We were glad we could be one of his thoroughly satisfied customers. Thanks so much, Clay!

(You can contact Clay at 601.813.9646.)