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We have used them for years. They built a computer for us, cleaned old hard drives, repaired computers for us and we have bought used computers from them.

moe vasighi
Very professional and nice people and very reasonable price. I have bought few PC’s and laptops in the past few years for business and home use which still in use. You will be happy with their work and price.

Ivory Williams

They fixed my daughter’s computer Excellent work!!
Milda Watkins
Refurbished computers better than new.


 I had a western digital external drive that I was unable to read on my two computers. My external case had to be replaced and everything is working fine again. Great service.
I purchased a re worked laptop years ago and still think it’s the best money spent. I acquired a virus on it a few days ago and know they will patch it up . Great service and products available here. I am so glad to have a business available i can trust.
Absolutely great customer service. Very helpful. Would definitely recommend!!!!
Do great work and always deliver on time.
an excellent repair shop, number one they are honest, you will not get ripped off. second they have any parts you need and third they give excellent service. highly recommend.
Fast and friendly
They usually have the parts i need on hand for a good price

Monitor works great. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!

David S. 

Used Sideline Computers for several different computers.  Prompt repairs, reasonable prices, and quality work.   Strong recommend.

Cedric Z.

My computer would not power up after a lightning storm yesterday, so I brought it to this computer shop. They diagnosed it and called me with an estimate. It had a bad power supply. They could repair it for $36.99 for the power supply and $30. for labor. I approved the estimate and they said I could pick it up in a few hours. They repaired this computer for me in a timely fashion, for a very reasonable cost, and were very professional throughout the process. While I was in the store I checked out the prices of their items. The items I looked at were less expensive then other stores in town like Best Buy. They had a good selection of a lot of computer basics. I was impressed with their overall setup. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs computer components or service.

Mark S.

I had my computer serviced the other day here. I had some viruses and junk from the internet. They cleaned it up for me in a timely fashion and for a reasonable cost. They were a lot cheaper then Best Buy and some of the other shops around town. They seemed to be very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I would recommend these people to my friends. A++.


Great to work with!  They are reliable and expeditious.

Jack C. Bloedorn, MBA, PhD, 1Lt USAR (ret)

“Many thanks for your patience and countenance of my failing hearing. As always, Josh via David fixed my ailing desktop in less than 24 hours … a very substantial help because I was faced with month-end closing deadlines … PC+/Sideline continues to outperform any and all and continues to earn my admiration and respect. Thanks for all you do and have done for me over the years.” Jack C. Bloedorn, Ph.D, 1Lt USAR (ret)

When I asked if I could use his testimonial, he replied, “Would you prefer encouragement or payment? Oh, heck, you’ve earned both (in spades). And don’t let Josh get any wandering ideas … from a customer’s point of view, he is a jewel and makes your operation such an easy pleasure to deal with (you ain’t bad either, Constance).
Normally we charge outrageous bucks for testimonials! … but in your case, please feel free, with gusto! It might (?) be useful to embellish the testimonial with the fact that my company is Management Systems Corporation and I am CEO of non-profit Systems South (both Mississippi corporations in the systems application development business – or used to be before I retired a few years back). I’m a proud retired Army Officer (Korean War era) and also an MBA from Wharton and Ph.D. in Management Science from Northwestern University Institute of Technology. Thanks to you all for all you do and have done for me. You are sincerely appreciated!” Jack B

I know it is long, but Mr. Jack has been a customer for a long time. He deserves the space and we appreciate the sweet sentiment!

MJ Mallory 

Things you can’t get locally anywhere else. These folks are great.
None of that big-box store tactic of selling the hard drive and then charging $20 for the cable.
Fair prices on everything.


I recently purchased a used laptop and it meets my needs, fairly good price, good support. Yes, I would recommend and purchase again from PC’s Plus. L Z

Schyler S.

I just got my recently repaired laptop back from them. These guys did a great job. It works like new! They had to repair my laptop touch screen. I was told it was going to take longer because they had a part on back order. They woman called me. She was very friendly telling me about return time on the part. She gave me the soonest the part would be here and the latest! I was happy because the part got here earlier than i anticipated. These guys did great!

Maizie J.

If you ever need computer accessories and/or service for your computer needs, please visit SIDELINE COMPUTERS adjacent HWY 80 on Government Street, West of Downtown Brandon in the Woodgate Shopping Center next to PIGGLY WIGGLY. No where will you find such an excellent level of quality customer service to tend to your computer needs.My desktop computer crashed and was shipped for repair. However I had an old computer which I could use in the meantime. Yet, in order to access the Internet, I needed to install my Internet provider softeware.The problem was, I did not have an ETHERNET port on my old computer.Originally, I had planned to go to RADIO SHACK to purchase an Ethernet adapter to connect to the USB cable on the back of my old computer. When I called RADIO SHACK the sales associate told me the adapter cost approximately $24.99 and up.Fortunately, I was with my sister and she suggested I try SIDELINE COMPUTERS, informing me she that the sales personnel there were great, and that their products were less expensive than similar products at RADIO SHACK.Not only did I save money, but the staff profided excellent instructions and tips on what would be the best product to solve my problem. For a mere $4.99, I purchased a PCI LAN ADAPTER; a simple driver which was easy to install. Also, had I chosen the ETHERNET adapter instead of the driver, the cost at SIDELINE COMPUTERS was less than half of the price quoted at RADIO SHACK.I highly recommend SIDELINE COMPUTERS – especially for their friendly and great customer service to attend to whatever your needs for computer and high-tec wireless accessories and products.

Brandon S.

I used to purchase computers from Dell.  The support was horrible and the hardware just wouldn’t hold up for more than three or four years.  I got my last PC from Sideline and it’s still going strong after 5 years.  The service is great and the staff really knows computers.  Plus, they have the coolest cats running around freely.  How often can you go into a computer shop and find cats?!