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Elmo – one in a million – gone but not forgotten, especially by his fans.


Elmo and Magwai and the last pic is Elmo helping David fix computers.

People often ask after our mascot with the most personality and personable temperament in our history. Elmo was white with orange tips, points, and stripes. He was part ragdoll which added to his laid back personality and his girth. Elmo weighed in at 20 lbs. in his prime. With his alert blue eyes and his never take no for an answer affection, Elmo endeared himself to even the staunchest of customers. Some people claimed they saw a bobcat in the store, but Elmo never attacked anything bigger than a mosquito, except his pals in play. Elmo came to live with us when he and his fellow quad, Gizmo, were 5 weeks old, back in 1999. Gizmo passed away from cancer (throughout his entire body) at the tender age of 5. Gizmo died so young that few remember our tuxedo-sporting pal. Elmo was so distraught at the loss, that we bought our cat a kitten. (Yes. I know it sounds crazy!) That is when Magwai our all-black, superstar sports cat came to live with us. Elmo adored her and could not get enough of playing and cuddling with her.

RIP Elmo – beloved watch cat and store ambassador – nobody did it better! 1999 – 2010