Your One Stop Computer Shop


We take pride in having great customer service but it’s sometimes our mascots that leave the biggest impression. Sideline has been home to several cats over the years. Our customers love their interactions with our furry friends.  Today, the store is monitored by Cinderella (Cindy), our 3 year old gray tiger kitten, and Magwai, our 11 year old black cat.  The tiger stripes on Cindy certainly purvey her feisty attitude.  Magwai is more laid back, but in her youth, she could sometimes be seen leaping up to 6 feet in the air to climb into her perch atop our shelves. Princess Anastasia (a.k.a. Lil’ Orphan Annie), our tortie-ragdoll mix tried the shop but her PTSD made it hard for her not to stay in the quiet of home.  (We were told when we adopted her that she was abused and had PTSD. They also mentioned that torties have a lot of attitude. Tortitude!) As you can see in one of the pics below, one of her nicknames is “Chewbacca!” That mouse cable was chewed through while in use! LOL…they make life interesting.